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Getting Medical Marijuana to Treat Seizure Disorders in North Carolina

Epilepsy is a chronic condition that causes the brain to have seizures that temporarily disrupt the regular functioning of the brain. It can range in diagnosis from mild to severe, and often can be manageable with consistent treatment—though treatment options may vary between patients. 


Epilepsy affects approximately 1.2% of the US population and will likely be approved as a qualifying condition for a North Carolina medical marijuana certification.


Medical marijuana has shown extreme promise in preventing seizures and reducing seizure frequency and is one of the most common reasons why patients choose cannabis as a medicine. 

What are Epileptic Seizure Disorders? 

Epilepsy Isn’t Just One Thing

Epilepsy describes a range of epileptic seizure disorders that affect the central nervous system and can be caused by a variety of different things. 


Epilepsy can be something you are born with, or it can be acquired through brain injuries or psychiatric conditions, but most diagnoses of epilepsy have an unknown origin. There is no known root cause for epilepsy, and very little is known about how and why it affects certain people. 

Treating Epilepsy

Though epilepsy can often be managed with pharmaceutical medications, treatment for seizure disorders is highly relative, and while some medications will work for certain patients, other patients will not improve with the same medicines. 


Nearly one-third of patients have a form of treatment-resistant epilepsy, making it a very difficult condition to manage when symptoms are frequent or aggressive. Medical marijuana has shown strong results for many patients who are resistant to treatment and may offer incredible relief in reducing and preventing seizures. 

Can Medical Marijuana Help with Seizures?

Medications Available for Symptoms of Epilepsy

Many medications prescribed to treat seizure disorders come with dangerous side effects, and anti-seizure medications can be very volatile on the body


Medical marijuana offers a natural alternative for patients seeking relief from seizures when patients have a treatment-resistant form of the condition, or when traditional medications cause harmful side effects. 


Medical marijuana has helped many people with seizure disorders, and cannabis has reduced hundreds of seizures a month to less than 10 a month for some patients. Research has shown that THC and CBD can work together to provide incredible relief for muscle spasms, seizures, and grand-mal seizures. 


Products like cannabis tinctures and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) can be taken orally, and children like Charlotte Figi have used them with incredible results, without the harmful side effects of smoking.


It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone will have the same success with cannabis in treating seizures, and not everyone will experience the same benefits due to differences in biology. However, you can consult with one of our qualified doctors to find out if cannabis is right for you!

Get Your North Carolina Marijuana Card

Epilepsy is one of the most common reasons why patients choose medical marijuana, offering extraordinary relief and limited side effects. Especially when epilepsy is in a treatment-resistant form, patients with a medical marijuana certification can use cannabis to reduce their seizures and better their quality of life. 


It’s our hope that patients will soon be able to apply for a medical marijuana certification and begin receiving the compassionate treatment that they deserve. Reserve a medical marijuana evaluation appointment today, to stay up to date on the latest developments and get a $25 discount when a medical marijuana program is finally established in North Carolina!  

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