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North Carolina Considering Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Cherokee in North Carolina consider legalizing medical marijuana

Cherokee in North Carolina consider legalizing medical marijuana, a first for the state

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Native Americans, located in western North Carolina, are considering legalizing medical marijuana which would be a first for the state.

Tribal Council’s decision could be part of a larger legalization plan on tribal territory, called the Qualla Boundary. They have sovereignty over their land which is about 100 square miles and spreads over 5 counties in North Carolina.

Back in December, Tribal Council unanimously passed a bill that directed a committee to create legislation focused on allowing medical marijuana use. “The people want cannabis, the world is changing, society is changing. We want to have dispensaries here on the Qualla Boundary and to be able to sell, but we have to start with this phase first.” states former Tribal Council member and the government affairs liaison for the principal chief, Jeremy Wilson.

Hemp cultivation and products like CBD are legal in North Carolina and farmers on the Qualla Boundary have taken on growing hemp as part of a pilot initiative.

Tribal Council’s Opinion on Medical Marijuana is Evolving

Over the past three years, work has been done to push the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in front of the Tribal Council. In fact, a few years back, Tribal Council did not pass the bill. Today, there has been a gain in momentum and support from the public.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee are also not the first tribe to take steps towards legalizing medical marijuana. In October, the Oglala Sioux of North Dakota legalized medical marijuana on their land and was the first tribe to regulate medical marijuana in a state where it is otherwise illegal. The Cherokee hope to follow in their footsteps.

Not only would this be helpful to the patients who can utilize medical marijuana but it also can be a new stream of revenue for the Cherokee. The tribe's greatest economic advantage has been casinos but with the new Catawba Nation casino opening outside of Charlotte, their revenues could be potentially impacted. The legalization of medical marijuana could create a new revenue line for the Cherokee, create jobs and also help patients along the way!

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