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Marijuana Bill Is Moving Forward in North Carolina!

Marijuana Bill is Moving on to the North Carolina Health and Care Committee!

We come bearing more good news for North Carolina residents! On Wednesday, Senate Bill 711 was approved by the Senate Finance Committee! SB 711 has now cleared two of the four committee steps.

If you’d like to stay up to date on the quickly moving progress of this medical marijuana bill, keep an eye on our blogs and sign up to reserve your appointment today! Registering with North Carolina Marijuana Card means you will be notified as soon as we can start seeing patients, and you’ll get $25 off your evaluation.

The Status of Senate Bill 711

Now that this bill has gotten approval from the North Carolina Judiciary Committee and the Senate Finance committee, it will now move onto the Health Care committee! If approved, SB 711 will move onto the last committee: Rules and Operations.

The main discussion in the Finance committee meeting was about the licensing fees and potential revenue projections. The sponsors indicated that they and the legislative staff will continue to review those projections.

The Finance committee will require that the medical marijuana program be self-sustaining from a revenue perspective. This will follow the initial money to set up the system.

The funding for this program would come from license fees and a monthly fee equal to 10% of the gross income from the locations that sell medical cannabis products.

Senate Bill 711 will move on to the Health Care committee. There is no set date for when this meeting will happen. If approved, it will go to the Rules and Operations committee. Senator Rabon fully supports this bill and happens to be the chairman of this committee!

So What Now?

Of course we recommend reaching out to your state representative and showing your support for Senate Bill 711! The support of North Carolina residents means more now than ever before. It could make a huge difference.

We would be happy to help you get your North Carolina Marijuana Card when it becomes available!! Feel free to give us a call at (833) 781-7320 with any questions you may have.

If you reserve your North Carolina marijuana evaluation appointment today, you’ll get $25 off the total price when the time finally arrives!

Stay tuned for updates on this bill and the progress that is made!


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Francine Minehart
Francine Minehart
Aug 11, 2021

Will Parkinson's Disease be included with the other diseases for approval from their doctor?


Francine Minehart
Francine Minehart
Aug 11, 2021

Will Parkinson's Disease be included with the other diseases for approval from their doctor?

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