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North Carolina: Medical Marijuana Update!

Medical Marijuana Update for North Carolina!

On June 23rd, 2021 the North Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee met to discuss a bill that would legalize medical marijuana, and it looks like cannabis may be available to qualifying patients in the near future!

Medical Marijuana Makes Progress in North Carolina!

Back in April Senator Bill Rabon introduced Senate Bill 711, the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act, which would allow people with debilitating medical conditions (cancer, epilepsy, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Glaucoma and HIV/AIDS) to qualify for medical marijuana. Turning this bill into a law would be a huge step for the state and would provide residents the opportunity to get the help they need!

At Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Senator Rabon spoke about SB 711 and how beneficial it would be to qualifying patients. Rabon is a cancer survivor himself and knows the pain that these patients are feeling.

In his opening statement Senator Rabon said that, “there’s nothing less compassionate on this Earth than to watch a person you love suffering when there’s something that can ameliorate at least that suffering” and “I think it is time to bring this (SB 711) forward.”

He also said this is something he is “going to see it through as best I can” and he “owes it to my fellow man.”

Josh Biddicks, a retired police officer and combat veteran, told the committee how he suffers from chronic pain and PTSD. The Veterans Affairs prescribed him 23 different medications which resulted in side effects that made his life “unbearable at times.”

Biddicks’ story is just one of many who suffer from different conditions that medical marijuana could help!

Setting Up the Infrastructure for Medical Cannabis in North Carolina

There was also discussion about a substitute amendment that would be adopted by the committee. This would be a 13-member Medical Cannabis Advisory Board that would be responsible for reviewing petitions to add new debilitating conditions and have the power to add new qualifying conditions.

There would also be a nine person Medical Cannabis Production Commission that would “provide a safe, regulated supply of cannabis appropriate for medical use by qualified registry identification cardholders; ensure statewide access to safe and affordable cannabis to registry identification cardholders; establish a system that is well regulated, includes a seed to sale tracking system, and is financially viable for suppliers to ensure the highest quality cannabis and cannabis infused products for patients; and generate sufficient revenue for the Commission to oversee and for the Department to maintain and operate the system.”

This would also create a North Carolina Cannabis Research Committee “to conduct objective, scientific research regarding the administration of cannabis or cannabis-infused products as part of medical treatment.”

While this substitute was accepted by the panel, there wouldn’t be a vote on the full proposal under the same meeting due to Senate rules.

Where Does This Bill Go From Here?

If everything discussed in the North Carolina Senate Committee meeting is approved by the Judiciary, it still has to move through at least three more panels before reaching the floor and then has the potential to move to the House of Representatives.

While it may seem like a long road ahead, there is more support for this bill than ever before!

This Judiciary Committee hearing was the first step, and the bill will still have to come back for an official vote. There was no time given for when senators might come back to vote yes or no to move forward with this bill.

What Should I Do if I Want Medical Marijuana in North Carolina?

There is still an opportunity to contact your state representatives to show your support for Senate Bill 711! Your support could make a difference and enrich the lives of others.

We would be happy to help you get your North Carolina Marijuana Card when it becomes available, or answer any questions that you may have.

If you reserve your North Carolina marijuana evaluation appointment today, you’ll get $25 off the total price when the time finally arrives!

Stay tuned for updates on this bill and the progress that is made!


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